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A multidisciplinary group of engineers with an average 20 years of experience in practically all aspects of lighting technology. The group is led by Dr. Jakob Maya, who has been in the lighting field for over 25 years and is an internationally recognized lighting expert. We have worked in large multinational lighting companies in R&D, engineering, manufacturing, management across all product lines. Our backgrounds range from plasma physics to optics, from materials science to chemistry, from electronics and instrumentation to chemical physics and process engineering.

Some of the technologies we have been actively involved in:

Compact FL
FL and HID Materials
Ceramic Metal Halide
Automotive lighting
Projection lighting
Ceramic Materials
Electrodeless lighting
Plasma, Optical, Material Strength Modelling
Ecological lighting  
Special applications
Electronic ballasts  
Flash lamps  
Solid state lighting  
Noninvasive Diagnostics  
Display Lighting  
HID Lighting with Special Features  
Fiber Optic/Light Pipe Lighting  


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